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Mustard Seed Crusades & Missions is a community Non Profit Organisation with a Christian background and formation.  

The main objective of MSC is community empowerment through empowering the family institution with a special focus in children's welfare, more especially orphans and vulnerable children in child-headed homes. 

MSC, in collaboration with similar local and international organisations, recruits a whole spectrum of qualified and selfless community workers (including doctors, psychologists, nurses, teachers, social workers and dedicated care givers) on full time, part time, or voluntary bases. 

Our operations are growing and responding to a great demand for help services in Kwa Zulu Natal (SA) and Swaziland.  Among other things we are giving clothing; school uniforms; toys; stationery; sport kits; Christmas gifts; feeding schemes and trauma counselling. 

Prevention and advocacy. In South Africa more than 80% of juvenile delinquencies are as a result of dysfunctional families and abject poverty. This has direct consequence in the rise of violence, crime, prostitution and hence vulnerability to human trafficking. While we actively support advocacy organisations,  our focus is mainly preventative intervention through family support,  life skills education and counseling. We have school programmes focused at raising awareness on substance abuse, health and life skills and other pathologies prevalent in vulnerable children and in youth. We also help with rehabilitation referrals.

MSC Missions for Children's welfare believes in strengthening the family institution and hence we prefer addressing vulnerable children's needs at their homes or relatives' homes or foster homes wherever possible nevertheless more often than not many of these children need to be urgently removed from dysfunctional homes and practically there are not enough second homes or orphanages available. 

MSC needs to build two orphanages urgently one in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and one in Swaziland and two day care centres. We are prayerfully looking for prayerful and financial partners.